Alliances in Call of Gods is a way for players to team up to become the highest and most powerful group of Gods. Essentially, alliances are created by 1 person who can then appoint 3 ministers to help moderate the alliance.

Within the alliance, players can then advance in level while receiving special alliance rewards from the Treasure chests in the alliance "base."

Create an AllianceEdit

For create an alliance you need to meet this requirements:

  • Did not join any Alliance.
  • Above level 15.
  • 30 silver.

Alliance LevelsEdit

Level 1 -> 2: 150 alliance points and 75,000 silver

Level 2 -> 3: 300 alliance points and 150,000 silver

Level 3 -> 4: 600 alliance points and 300,000 silver

Level 4 -> 5: 1000 alliance points and 600,000 silver

Level 5 -> 6: 2500 alliance points and 1,200,000 silver

Level 6 -> 7: 5000 alliance points and 2,400,000 silver

Level 7 -> 8: 7000 alliance points and 3,000,000 silver

Level 8 -> 9: 8,000 alliance points and 3,400,000 silver

Level 9 -> 10: 10,000 alliance points and 4,200,000 silver

Level 10 -> 11: 12,500 alliance points and 5,500,000 silver

Level 11 -> 12: 14,500 alliance points and 6,900,000 silver

Level 12 -> 13: 16,000 alliance points and 7,500,000 silver

Level 13 -> 14: 18,000 alliance points and 8,000,000 silver

Level 14 -> 15: 22,000 alliance points and 9,100,000 silver

Level 15 -> 16: 25,000 alliance points and 11,000,000 silver

Level 16 -> 17: 40,000 alliance points and 20,000,000 silver

Level 17 -> 18: 60,000 alliance points and 30,000,000 silver

Level 18 -> 19: 80,000 alliance points and 40,000,000 silver

Level 19 -> 20: Estimated: 100,000 alliance points and 50,000,000 silver

Alliance QuestsEdit

Special quests can be completed on a daily basis to gain XP, silver and reputation; based on alliance level.

You can do 10+ quests a day (depends on alliancme level).

You can refresh Alliance quests if you are unable to complete them.

There is a 30 minute refresh cooldown, which can be skipped for gold or coupons.

Those quests are either:

  • Expedition: Kill 3 - 5 of a certain monster type or a world boss, related to alliance level
  • Donation: Donate a certain amount of a resource (9k, plus 5k for each additional 2 alliance lvls)
  • Collection: Collect 5 of type of special item and hand them in, related to alliance level.

Those items are dropped by monsters of certain lvl-ranges or can be bought in the Honor Shop.

(lvl73-76 mob drop: lvl 13-14 alliance items)(will add/update more later)

Alliance Player RanksEdit

Within the alliance, players can earn reputaion as well as alliance points. From what is guessed, the more alliance points a user accumulates, the higher his alliance rank will be. Currently, there are 6 known alliance ranks.

  • 1 Archon (Founder/Leader)
  • 1 Commander (Appointed by Archon)
  • 3 Ministers (Appointed by Archon)
  • Elite (Appointed by Archon or Ministers)
  • Senior (Appointed by Archon or Ministers)
  • Member

Member is, of course, the default rank for a player who just joins an alliance. Senior will come after, and Elite after Senior.

Alliance Shop ItemsEdit

Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price
Silver Key 50 Frozen Shard 15 Cloud Emerald 45 Indurium Shard 50
Bandits 400 Flame of the Undying 20 Hellfire Ash 50 Eye of the Unseeing 60
Tramp Master 600 Glimmering Quartz 20 Common Bloodstone Ruby 50 Essence of Flame 60
Devil's Eye(1-Day) 300 Clansman's Ring 25 Tome of the Arcane 10 Nature's Crest 70
Harmony Breastplate 2500 Dust of Deteriration 25 Moonlight Feather 10 Essence of Life 70
Emboldening Set Equipment 500 Firelight Spores 30 Dwarven Tinder 20 Moonlight Topaz 80
Adamant Set Equipment 2800 Toxic Essence 30 Dryadic Pendant 20 Box of Restless Souls 80
Iron Bar 5 Elemental Shard 35 Refined Crystal 30 Essence of Earth 90
Stone Shard 5 Cursed Claw 35 Nature's Essence 30 Blood of the Innocent 90
White Oak Timber 10 Essence of Blood 40 Corpse Idol 40 Archaic Ritual Mask 100
Elemental Core 10 Oculus of the Evil Eye 40 Mask of Transience 40 Shattered Sea Stones 100
Arcane Powder 15 Holy Water 45 Void Sphere 50

Alliance WarEdit

Alliance War allow you to fight against other alliances for cities. Each city gives a unique gift that can be drawn from the alliance chest. You can claim Battle Awards each days if your alliance control one city or more.

Biding Edit

Every Tuesday and Friday, from 12:00 to 18:00 Server Time, your Alliance can bid for the rights to plunder a city. The alliance which did the best bids win the right to fight for the cities. It can only be done by the alliance leader and his officers (Commander and Ministers).

Deployement Edit

Deploying the alliance members can be done at any for the cities under your control, but you can only assign allies to attack other cities after biding. The Archon and the Commander are the only ones able to do it.

Up to 30 members can be selected at one time.

Fighting Edit

From the member selection screen, “Enter the Battle” and arrange the order Alliance members appear on the battlefield. Your Alliance Leader can make changes here between 18:00 and 19:59 Server Time. Alliance War starts 20:00 Server Time

More details comming soon...