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List of Dungeon supply

Overview Edit

Each player, each day can enter a total of 6 dungeons, half of them for free dungeon keys and half by using items "Dungeon Keys" (Dungeon Key or Dungeon Key II).

There are several type of dungeons:

Structure Edit

Each dungeon has 3 areas connected through one-way-portals. Within each area is one boss (called Dungeon Guardian). In each dungeon there are always three bosses: two sidebosses and one main boss. Once inside the dungeon - there is a possibility that both of the sidebosses have spawned the same.

The dungeons can contain:

Icon resource
Resource Boxes.
Icon monster
Monster Encounters.
Icon portal
Icon random
Random Encounter (Monster, Chest or Resource).
Icon treasure
Treasure Chests.
Icon boss
Boss Encounters.

Any map squadre can contain or not one of this item, except for Portal and Boss that can be found in only 4 possible and fixed map square.

List of DungeonsEdit

Name Available Difficulties
Cimmerian Dungeon
Cimmerian Dungeon Normal Nightmare Hell
City of 1000 Caves
City of 1000 Caves Normal Nightmare Hell
Boltrift Valley
Boltrift Valley Normal Nightmare Hell
Spellbreakers' Roost
Spellbreakers' Roost Normal Nightmare Hell
Dragoncliff Normal Nightmare Hell
The Burning Path
The Burning Path Normal Nightmare Hell
Zaharal Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Desert Labyrinth
Desert Labyrinth Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Shrine of the Elements
Shrine of the Elements Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Pandaemonia Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Sulfur Cloister
Sulfur Cloister Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Abyss of Tungs
Abyss of Tungs Sky

Mountains of Dragon
Mountains of Dragon Sky
The frozen deep
The frozen deep Sky
Element Temple
Element Temple Sky
Ruins of Ancient City
Ruins of Ancient City Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy Sky
Trail of Demons
Trail of Demons Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy Sky
Spring of Silence
Spring of Silence Sky
Underlight Altar
Underlight Altar Sky
Forbidden Coleoseum
Forbidden Coleoseum Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Moor of Elements
Moor of Elements Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Chaotic Grotto
Chaotic Grotto Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy
Frost Cathdrael of Twisted Illusions
Frost Cathdrael of Twisted Illusions Normal Nightmare Hell
Floating Ship
Floating Ship Sky
Isolated Island
Isolated Island Sky
Altar of the Poseidon
Altar of the Poseidon Sky
Place of Origin
Place of Origin Sky