This dungeon is for players of a minimum of level 20. It has 3 different levels,

Ancient Armoury(46 squares), Elfhaven(48 squares), and Throne Room(45 squares), with monsters of different difficulty.

In hell level, the monsters are level 28. You can find a black widow, a geomancer, or an undead minion. The final monster in each of the three floors is level 33.

Difficulties Edit

City of 1000 Caves (Normal)
City of 1000 Caves (Nightmare)
City of 1000 Caves (Hell)


Fights have the option to give 165 silver

Rewards from fights in Nightmare difficulty-

  • Golden Treasure Chest I
  • Silver Treasure Chest I
  • Bronze Treasure Chest I
  • Silver Key
  • Bronze Key
  • Crude Necklace
  • Crude Spaulders
  • Cedar Staff
  • Resource (Iron, Lumber, Stone, Copper) Card I
  • Scrap Metal
  • Skill Tome I
  • Summoning Horn