There are 4 different resource types:

  • Lumber
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Copper

Resources are produced by the corresponding buildings in the castle. They can also be obtained by Plunder, in Dungeons (higher dungeon difiiculty = higher resource amount), resource cards and bought for Silver or Gold. Resources can be gathered also by using 2h (or 24h if VIP) of idle time in the Resource Site.

Resources gained in dungeonsEdit

The amount of resources obtained in dungeons follow the following rules: Dungeon level / 10 * Dungeon Difficulty (1 for normal, 2 for nightmare, 3 for hell) * 5,000

For example:

  • Dungeon L50 on normal difficulty will net 50/10 * 1 * 5,000 = 25,000 resources
  • Dungeon L40 on nightmare difficulty will net 40/10 * 2 * 5,000 = 40,000 resources
  • Dungeon L30 on hell difficulty will net 30/10 * 3 * 5,000 = 45,000 resources

Resources CardsEdit

Name Amount
Lumber Card I, Stone Card I, Iron Card I, Copper Card I 5,000
Lumber Card II, Stone Card II, Iron Card II, Copper Card II 20,000
Lumber Card III, Stone Card III, Iron Card III, Copper Card III 50,000


The amount of resources obtained by winning attacker is 10% of defender's current resources in their warehouse (temporary storage is not affected).