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There will be a time when you feel that your hero is weak and that it needs stronger equipment. This is why in CoG, there is a system known as transmutation. Transmutation is the process of getting various materials and silver to transform it into another stronger and more powerful piece of equipment.

Transmutation Master Edit

In order to transmute items, you can go to:

City Place NPC Note
Arthlan Ironbark Forge Raina Galaron This is the only place, if you are Elf and below level 30.
Sanctaria Ironfroge Garem Dristny This is the only place, if you are Human and below level 30.
Necrolis Ironbone Forge Mizero This is the only place, if you are Undead and below level 30.
Regia Deorum Hall of the Fearless Dinarion If you are level 30 or higher.

Type of Trasmutation Edit

There are two types of transmutation: Normal and Advanced.

Normal Transmutation Screen

A typical screen for normal transmutation.

In Normal mode, there will be a complete list of items ranging from all types of equipments to formation tomes. Once clicking on the desired item, below will show a list of all the items needed to be used in order to transmute that item. Above the materials list will also show how much silver is needed in order for the transmutation to be at work. In Normal mode, all items you attempt to transmute will be 100% success but will need a 10 minute cooldown before you're allowed to transmute another item, you can end this couldown by using 1 gold or 1 coupon. The better the item you whant to transmute is the more in silver it will cost you.

Advanced Transmutation Screen

A typical screen for advanced transmutation.

In Advanced mode, things get a bit tricker. Items you transmute can be absolutely random but they have to be level 20 or above. The amount of items you need to transmute depends on the grade or the colour of the item. The higher the grade the more items are needed to be transmuted. The success rate also decreases as the grade of the item is higher. Unlike the Normal transmutation system, the Advanced transmutation system needs gold instead of silver. The more valuable the materials, equipment, or gems are put into the advanced transmutation system, the more gold is needed to transmute, the minimum being one. If the transmutation fails, you will automatically lose the gold and may lose the item. The item successfully transmuted doesn't have to be items from the Normal transmutation list.

Equipment Gems
Quality Number Success Gold Number Success Gold
Green 3 white 85% 1 3 white 85% 1
Blue 3 green 55% 1 3 green 80% 1
Purple 4 blue 20% 1 4 blue 25% 1
Orange 5 purple 10% 5 5 purple 12% 5
Red 6 orange 5% 10 6 orange 8% 10

Transmutation MaterialsEdit

As generic rules for normal transmutation:

  • White and green transmutation items can be obtained through regular battles or quests. White and green items can also be obtained by spending Reputation at the store in your Alliance.
  • Blue transmutation items can be obtained as loot for dungeons mobs and purple transmutation items can be obtained as loot for dungeon boss or into low layers of Purgatory Abyss.
  • Orange transmutation items can be obtained as loot for high level dungeons boss or high Purgatory Abyss's layer or spinning Advanced Wheel of Fortune.
  • All transmutation items except white can be found in the appropriate materials chest.
  • Formation tome chapters can be found as reward for killing dungeon mobs.
  • Diagrams can be found as reward for killing dungeon bosses.

For more detail see specific transmutation items articles.