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Wheel of fortune icon {{{caption}}}
"If you're feeling lucky you can take a spin on the Wheel of Fortune

and win some awesome prizes!"

Type of Wheel Edit

The wheel of fortune has three different levels, with different cost for spinning and rewards to win.

Level Cost Spinning Note
Free Wheel Free, but once a day If you don't use your daily free spin it will be lost the next day, so you have always one free daily spin by the system. You can use a Free Wheel Card to spin more than once a day.
Normal Wheel 25 gold You can use Normal Wheel Card to spin the wheel for free.
Advanced Wheel 50 gold You can use Advanced Wheel Card to spin the wheel for free.
Wheel of fortune

A typical screen for Free Wheel of Fortune.

The probability of getting a valuable item from the wheel is far less than it would appear by looking at the distribution on the wheel itself. Higher value items are much harder to land on and will be skipped over or the wheel will stop in front of them.

Also the apparent travel of the wheel from the time you click stop can be hard to predict.

Use of wheel Edit

  1. Click to the wheel of fortune icon.
  2. Choose the type of wheel you want to spins.
  3. Click to start button.

Use of wheel cards Edit

  • Free Wheel Card is the only card that can be used directly into your inventory by clicking on it. It adds one to the total of the remaining free wheel spin, and if you don't spin the wheel its remain until you do.
  • If you spin Normal or Advanced Wheel and you have appropriate card (Normal Wheel Card or Advanced Wheel Card) the system ask if you want to use it instead spends gold. This is the only way to use the card.